This site was born from a group on Facebook aimed at supporting younger people living with Functional Disorders and Non Epileptic Seizures. Speaking with members of the group, friends, students, and their parents and families, the same questions kept coming up:

"how do I talk to friends and family about my condition?" 
"how do I approach schools, colleges and universities?" 
"how do I cope with the impact on my relationships?"

From these conversations, we reached out to the wider community of chronic illness and invisible disabilities to ask about their experiences. The more people we spoke to, the more evident it became that the majority of information available, whilst incredibly helpful, was relatively clinical. It told you about the illnesses from a medical perspective, but there was limited information on the impact these conditions might have on your day to day life and how you could learn to live with them. After speaking with medical professionals about these questions and available material, we realised that there was a need for more ‘human’ resources to be able to explain the illness to schools, universities, and friends and families

The information on this site is geared towards a British audience but there are likely to be similar schemes, organisations, and policies in many other countries.

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Unless credited, all the material on this website belongs to Georgina Tomsett-Rowe and is written with the advice of a variety of experts including GPs, neurologists, and rehabilitation nurses. It is all, to the best of our knowledge, correct at the time of launching the site. We will of course be updating the information as and when it changes or no longer becomes relevant.