my story

by georgia panting


In September I was diagnosed with sciatica by my GP as I was having spasms in my right leg and severe back pain I was given pain medication and physio to help with a hope of a full recovery.

In the mean time I had 2 trips to hospital as I lost all feeling in my lower half of my body and legs meaning I was unable to walk or do anything for myself and trying to come to terms that I was unable to walk or look after myself without help and not knowing when I would or if I would get the sensation back again was pretty tough.

The first time this happened feeling came back pretty quick and it was like nothing happened, but the second time things were a lot worse I learnt again that I couldn’t feel my legs but I could move them, I’ve been powering through physio and learning how to walk again but without any feeling of the floor only through what I could see ( it’s a very strange feeling!!) , a few falls and bruises I am slowly getting there and I’m now able to walk with a stick but I have balance issues and sometimes spasms due to my sciatica which I’ve learnt isn’t very fun when trying to walk and adding to the list of falls.

In November 17 I was diagnosed with a Functional Neurological Disorder after months of not knowing what was wrong with me.

What is a Functional Neurological Disorder you ask ?

A Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) is a condition in which patients experience neurological symptoms such as weakness, movement disorders such as spasm , sensory symptoms and blackouts. The brain of a patient with functional neurological symptom disorder is structurally normal, but functions incorrectly. In simple terms the nervous system sends out wrong messages to parts of the body thus causing a spasm.

Hope you guys are able to understand abit about me and my condition.

Love and Hugs

Georgia x

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