Jodi Ann Bickley- a woman who's name is not well known but whose actions have touched over 4,000 people worldwide, a number which rockets up every day. 

Having struggled with mental health problems, Jodi Ann set up One Million Lovely Letters to help others - as well as herself. People going through a tough time can email Jodi Ann and she will send them a hand-written letter reminding them of how special and how loved they are. Visit onemillionlovelyletters.com for more information including how to become a member of Jodi Ann's letter writing squadron. This wonder woman has also had the time to write a best selling book 'One Million Lovely Letters'.

Jodi Ann is the epitome of what we're looking at in Positivity May. Her actions show what we can do when we fan the fire of just one little ember of hope and let that flame burn brighter and brighter.

Watch the below video and have a look at some of her examples to see how she brightens up hundreds of lives worldwide. Bring tissues...!