Following our hugely successful and popular Self Care series in February, Life Without Limits is returning with another exciting series examining our relationships with our disabilities.


Whilst it can be incredibly hard, and at times almost impossible, it is important to recognise that alongside the difficulties and strains there are moments of love, friendship, care, light relief, excitement, and hope. It is these positive times, no matter how brief, that we want to explore.

To this end we are looking for budding writers who are interested in sharing their stories and thoughts with the chronic illness community. Submissions can be short opinion pieces, longer articles, informal blogs, artwork, or any other form you feel appropriate. Pieces will be shared across all social media platforms and reach a wide audience. You can use the following prompts to help you:

What moments stick out in your mind?
What advice would you give to someone beginning their chronic illness journey?
What have you learnt about yourself through your condition?
What have you learnt about the world through your condition?
Has your diagnosis afforded you opportunities that you would not have come across otherwise?
Have you taken leaps of faith that you wouldn’t have had the nerve to do before you became ill?

If you are interested in sharing your story or thoughts, please get in touch.