Self Care February

‘I hate all that #selfcare nonsense, why do people have to be so selfish?’. A throw away comment from a friend got me thinking, since when has looking after oneself become self-indulgent? More to the point, when did self-indulgence become self care? Are you really succeeding in the 21st century if you're not practising yoga at dawn whilst tucking into your beautiful breakfast bowl, contouring for the gods, bullet journaling your day, and carefully selecting that filter for the inevitable Instagram post, all the time caring for others and keeping everyone happy? We all need a treat once in a while, but these superficial acts are in danger of taking over our concept of looking after oneself. It is particularly hard to stomach within the chronic and invisible illness community as, if you’re struggling to coordinate your medication, a spa day is unlikely to happen.


Throughout February, with the help of guest writers within these communities, we are going to be stripping back the shiny paint on self care and look at what it really means to us and how we can incorporate a true sense of caring for oneself. We are also incredibly lucky to have teamed up with the artist and self care advocate, Hannah Daisy, whose ‘Boring Self Care’ series caught the eye of many Instagrammers and will feature heavily across our social media.

This month will be a chance to examine our own thoughts and attitudes towards self care and we encourage you to take part through a special collaborative piece that will be published at the end of February.

For more information please contact us at or through any of our social media platforms.

Keep living your Life Without Limits.