If you aren’t comfortable being out and about, or are having a bad day, it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out! Make your own fun, invite a friend over (or enjoy your own company) and try doing some of these at home.


Have a film night

If going to the cinema seems like a daunting task, make your own silver screen at home (it’s even better as you can pause the film to go to the loo!). Get fresh popcorn, big warm blankets, a movie to suit your mood and sit back to enjoy your personalised event.

Get colouring

Adult colouring books are everywhere at the moment and they cover a hugely wide range of material. You can get abstract patterns, nature based pictures, and even sweary colouring books to help say what you really want!

These are some of our favourite from Amazon

Build a fort

Nope, definitely not just for children. In fact, it’s even better because you are setting the rules and don’t need help to make those big elaborate forts you see in films. Grab those sofa cushions and sheets, some fairy lights like these, all the blankets you can get your hands on and snuggle down into your own fairy tale cave. TV, tablet, pets and a glass of wine are optional!


Have a game night

We are addicted to scrabble in my house, we have a running total going and a constant competition! And the best bit? It’s also prescribed rehab for my brain! Bonus!! It doesn’t have to be word games, have a nostalgic evening with snakes and ladders, hungry hippos and operation (the last two are great exercises in coordination and dexterity). Get your facts straight with trivial pursuit, get your frustrations out with a cheeky game of Cards Against Humanity or simply play an easy game of snap! All of these get your mind working and only take minimal energy.


Treat yo self!

Give yourself a pampering spa experience without taking off your pyjamas! Light some smelly candles and settle down with a good face mask. Use that nail varnish you’ve mean meaning to open. Treat your hair to an intensive conditioning mask. Have a long soak in a bubble bath. Check out our Self Care Shop for our all natural pampering products.


Grab your friends, some soppy '00s romcoms, a couple of bags of maltesers, big fluffy blankets (can you see a theme starting to develop...!) and cosy pjs and snuggle down in your sitting room on piles of cushions. This is a great way of seeing your friends when you are low on energy.

Have a binge-watching marathon

When you're feeling like rubbish it can be hard to want to do anything other than ferment on the sofa. Since stopping work, I have a strict rule of no sofa and TV before 6pm in order to keep myself in some way functional! But on bad days it can be hard to want to do anything else! So, when you do give in, make it count. Find a box set that really takes your fancy, it might be something comforting like reruns of Friends, a completely ridiculous show like Rick and Morty or you could have your heart set on that new Scandi Noir everybody has been talking about. Whatever it is, set yourself up with a good load of tea/coffee/hot choc, a few biscuits, and that all important chunky blanket... and just zone out.

Get crafty

I don’t know a single person with a chronic illness that doesn’t do something crafty. From making your own jewellery to scrapbooking, there’s something for everyone. I love to crochet and try to keep up a steady line in – you guessed it – chunky blankets! There are loads of suggestions on Pinterest if you’re stuck for ideas. Once you get stuck in, you could even hold a hobbies club with some friends where you teach each other your skills and learn new tricks.