Life Without Limits is a successful and much celebrated website providing support and advice to those within the chronic illness and invisible disability communities. Talking with this community it became clear that, whilst there was information on long term conditions, the majority of it was written from a medical perspective, focusing on the scientific elements rather than the day to day realities. From these discussions, the site was born.

The website launched in October 2017 and through the articles shared and the themed series we run, we have had incredible feedback from all corners of the world. We are incredibly proud to have already made a huge difference to those in some of the most vulnerable situations in our society and in order to continue supporting these communities, we are asking for your help.

Compiled and launched out of our spare room, we are now looking for assistance in funding this project. Your support is invaluable and will help to create a stronger platform from which to reach many more people in need. Any monies raised will go towards the cost of hosting the site on Squarespace, further research and interviews with those within the community, paying guest writers, and keeping on top of our overheads.

All donations are enormously gratefully received and donors will be publicly thanked on both the site and across all social media platforms.