what are you talking about!?

by Jenn Birtwistle

What is self care all about & how do we do it? How can we focus on anything when our life is falling apart & nobody has any positive answers for you? Do you try to do it so that others see you making an effort to improve yourself, but in fact it does you more harm? We can push ourselves so hard trying to be “normal” that even the thought of self care isn’t an option. Friends & family can view self care very differently to how we do, so are they helping or hindering us? Everyone will have a very different view on our life & how we deal with our condition, or how they think we should, but maybe we need to stop, take a good look at ourselves & really think about us & no one else. It brings us back to the first question - how do we do it?


FND has changed my life in so many different ways that some days I wonder how I even get out of bed in the morning (or the afternoon as it often is!). It’s taken away my mobility, my speech, my strengths, my passions & my life as I knew it. I guess self care is about trying to find a new way of dealing with my new life & trying to make it all about me, which is very difficult when you’re a wife, a mother & a daughter & you’ve always put others before yourself.